Becoming a Consummate Communicator

Announcing a new book, The Consummate Communicator, based on Point of Contact Group founder Rich Gallagher’s popular communications skills blog – now available on and other bookselling outlets.

Good communications skills are much more than common sense. They involve specific communications skills anyone can learn and practice. This book will help you unlock the real secret of success in your business and personal life: learning how to become a consummate communicator.

Author Rich Gallagher is a former customer service executive, practicing psychotherapist, and a #1 bestselling customer service author with a track record of dramatically “turning around” workplace performance. In this book, based on his regular blog entries over the last five years, you will learn new skills like:

• How to shut down criticism instantly
• Connecting immediately with anyone
• Using storytelling to build a convincing point
• How to think like a customer
• Dealing with gossip, backstabbing, and stealing credit
• What to say to workplace bullies
• Transforming the whole workplace through communications skills

The Consummate Communicator will teach you interpersonal and leadership skills that last a lifetime, all for the price of simply changing the words you use. In the process, you will learn the real secrets of what makes people really listen to you. It is your personal guide to success, one simple technique at a time.

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