Work With Me: A Teambuilding Workshop

Even the best teams can develop obstacles and communications problems in the workplace – particularly when people are talented and dedicated to their jobs. Based on key concepts from personality psychology, the Work With Me program is an interactive, team-based program designed to eliminate roadblocks in effective communication and teamwork.

Using concepts from Jungian personality types, this intensive 3-4 hour in-house workshop will help your team members understand who they are, how they respond – and more importantly, how to effectively communicate with other people, in ways that build respect and collaboration.

Course objectives:

• Understand your own personality, and that of co-workers
• Learn what motivates other people
• Know what to say – and not say – with different personalities
• Work more effectively as a team


• What is personality, and why is it important?

-How we react to  situations
-How we solve problems
-What we like and dislike
-What motivates us
-How we interact with others.

• Jungian personality archetypes – who you are, in four characters or less!

-Extrovert(E) versus Introvert(I)
-Sensing(S) versus iNtuitive(N)
-Thinking(T) versus Feeling(F)
-Judging(J) versus Perceiving(P)

• Understanding four basic personality types

-The Free Spirit
-The Solid Citizen
-The Thinker
-The Feeler

• The key to success – Change your thinking about others!

• Old and new ways of looking at people

• Working with the four types

-How to motivate the four types
-How to infuriate the four types
-How to say the same thing in four different languages!
-The four types as customers

• Benefits to you of understanding personality

• Summing it all up

Available as a workshop


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